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Advantage® II
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How Advantage® II works

Advantage® II combines two active ingredients:

Imidacloprid has been recommended by veterinarians for over 14 years as a way to attack the flea's
nervous system – paralyzing and ultimately killing it.

Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that kills fleas in the immature stages of their lifecycle.

This combination plays a crucial role in existing infestations, because:

  • In an existing infestation you might only be aware of the adult fleas, which only represent around 5%
    of the full infestation.1
  • Immature flea life stages (flea eggs, larvae and pupae) which live in the cat’s environment consist of
    around 95% of the infestation and can be almost invisible to the naked eye.1

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A key ingredient in Advantage® II continues to work
as well as ever

The Bayer Flea Susceptibility Monitoring Program

Flea susceptibility monitoring

For more than 14 years, veterinarians have recommended imidacloprid – the key ingredient in Advantage® II – to effectively kill fleas. Bayer is the only animal health company to continuously monitor the susceptability of fleas to an ingredient and publish the results.

For you, this means you can be confident that Advantage® II will continue to kill fleas as well as it ever has.

How do we test Advantage® II?

Each year, thousands of flea eggs are collected by a global network of veterinarians who send samples to investigating laboratories for a three-step analysis.

Flea prevalence map

Results show that imidacloprid is just as effective as ever at killing fleas.

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Advantage® II Feline Biting Flea Prevention Video
Find out why it's so important to help prevent biting fleas on your cat by using Advantage® II once a month.

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