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How to Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Allowing your cat the freedom to roam outdoors is a sure way to satisfy his instincts for hunting and climbing in a natural setting. Sadly, however, it is also a sure way to expose him to risks (health and otherwise) that could be easily avoided by keeping him indoors. Making your indoor cat a happy cat is not only possible – it’s easy!


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Have plenty of toys. Toys are fantastic entertainment because you don’t always have to be there for kitty to play. Try rotating them every so often, as an old toy can seem new if your cat hasn’t seen it in a couple months. Also, make sure you have a variety for your cat to choose from. There are plenty of options, from squeak-and-chase mice toys to chaise lounge scratching beds. Even things as cheap and simple as an old box or a paper bag work great and make for good times.

Put perches on your windowsills. This will enable your cat to have a great view of the outside world, which is especially important on a gorgeous, sunny day. Simply placing an end table by windows works for this as well, as long as you do not mind kitty on your table!

Provide cat-only furniture that allows for scratching and climbing. This is crucial as it is a completely natural instinct for cats to scratch. If you do not provide them with a place to do this, you might have to deal with cat scratches on your once-nice furniture. Scratching posts help you to keep your furniture and wallpaper intact and possibly avoid the de-claw procedure.

Give your cat some space. Cats need more than one room to roam. If they have access to your whole house, or at least a good part of it, they are then able to fulfill their natural urges to play, chase and hide.

Make a screened-in porch. If this option is not available to you, it is also possible to purchase cat enclosures for the outdoors. Both of these simulate an outdoorsy environment for your cat.

Add some cat-friendly videos to your DVD collection. Newer to the market, there are movies made specifically for cats to watch. These are perfect for when you are stepping out for an hour or two!

Adopt or buy another kitty. Another cat in the house means a friend for your cat to play with when you’re not around. Having more than one cat also prevents boredom, and the exercise can help your kitties stay fit.

Get a fish tank inside, or a birdbath or feeder outside. Both of these are visually stimulating for your cats and can provide endless entertainment.

Make time for your cat. As a pet owner, you should try to make time for at least one play session per day. Your cat looks forward to your return home, and some human companionship no doubt leads to a happy, healthy life.


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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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