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Owning a horse for recreation takes significant commitment, but the reward can far outweigh the responsibility. PetParents.com is your source for horse care information through every stage of your horse’s life. You’ll find insightful articles from animal health experts dedicated to helping you enjoy a long, happy, and healthy relationship with your horse. 

  • Horse Adoption – from the cost of ownership to finding the perfect match for your goals and riding ability
  • Horse Health – injury prevention, diet, when to see a vet, and more helpful information for keeping your horse healthy from the time she’s a foal through senior adult years
  • Horse Behavior – tips for nurturing the bond between you and your horse through training, play, and interaction
  • Horse Lifestyle – whether you ride English or Western, performance horses, recreational horses or just need some tips on safe trailering, you'll find all things horse here

Featured Horse Adoption Articles and Information Articles

Horse Adoption

Are you ready to be a new horse owner? What haven’t you thought of yet? Read these tips to make sure your home is ready for your new horse.
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Featured Horse Health Articles and Information Articles

Common foods to avoid feeding your horse

Some common fruits and vegetables can be toxic for your horse. Learn which ones to avoid feeding your horse to make sure he or she stays safe and healthy.
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Featured Horse Behavior Articles and Information Articles

Horse Cribbing: How to Stop Your Horse from Cribbing

What is horse cribbing and can you stop it? PetParents.com answers your questions about horse cribbing and provides tips to help you soothe your anxious horse.
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Featured Horse Lifestyle Articles and Information Articles

Winterizing Your Horse

Holiday sweaters may help you stay warm, but it takes more than that to keep your horse happy and healthy when the temperature starts to drop. Check out these tips for winter wellness care.
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