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"Someone found her and turned her into the local pound. It was through PetLink that I was reunited with her 4 days later. If she wouldn't have been chipped, I would have never found her."

Jill and Ward

“He had been sick and he was wandering down the road. My neighbors from a couple houses down didn’t realize he was ours and they took him in to get meds for him. Well we had just taken him to the vet a couple days before that and they read his chip and called us.”

Lewis and Golden

“He was out in the yard with me. I was doing some yard work and I didn’t put his leash on him. I turned around to put something up and when I turned back around, he was gone. I am so delighted that I had this done. This is the second time someone has brought him home because of the microchip.”

Marion and Buddy
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Join the Cause

LinkedforLife is a cause built around a community of pet owners and animal caregivers with the goal to reunite as many lost pets as possible or to find homes for those pets still looking for their forever home through the help of LinkedforLife stands for the fact that pets with a microchip are still connected to their owners even if their collar and tags come off. Furthermore, LinkedforLife stands for a community of people who are connected around a common cause: HELPING PETS!



There are three steps to joining this community:

1.     Ensure Your Pets are Microchipped so that they are not contributing to the homeless
        pet population

2.     Show Your Support!

•      Register with and update your profile to receive missing pet
       alerts in your area
•      AdoptAPet

3.     Encourage Others To:

•      Take part in the LinkedforLife cause by microchipping their pets
•      Register with and update their profile to receive missing pet
•      AdoptAPet
•      Engage with their pet by setting up a profile  for their pet and uploading photos


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