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Do you have recommendations for pet health insurance?


Do you have any advice or specific companies you recommended for pet health insurance?


No one policy is going to be ideal for every pet. Rather than recommending a specific company, I would recommend that you set up a simple list and evaluate each company and policy on several attributes that are most relevant to your personal situation. These might include, but are not necessarily limited to things like:

  • Financial issues: maximum benefit available, deductible, cost of policy vs. cost of potential treatment
  • Medical coverage: breeds and/or diseases covered and/or not covered
  • Type of coverage: preventative vs. catastrophic care
  • Your specific pet’s needs: Is your pet young or old? Does it run away regularly? Does it live indoors only or spend a large portion of time outside? What is your pet's activity level? What breed is your pet (since some are more likely to develop certain diseases than others)?

The website www.vetinfo.com has some helpful lists and questions to review in order to identify the best policy for your pet’s needs.


Dr. Revoir’s veterinary opinion should only be used as an educational guide and in no way should be substituted for licensed veterinary care. Your veterinarian should be consulted in all health matters involving your pet.

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