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Tips for Golden Retrievers with arthritis


Do you have any tips for a Golden Retriever with arthritis?


Arthritis or degenerative joint disease is the most common cause of lameness in dogs, having been reported to affect up to 20% of the population. This condition occurs much more often in the larger breeds and can be the result of inflammation. The situation is typically worse when the pet first wakes up in the morning, and improves as the pet gets up and starts moving around and “loosens up”.


As common sense would dictate, one of the best measures we as pet owners can take is to keep excessive weight off. A long term, scientific study done by the folks at Purina showed that maintaining an optimal weight can not only aid medical conditions like arthritis, but can actually allow dogs to live a longer life! “Light” diet formulations have fewer calories and may have more fiber to give a fuller feeling to the stomach.


Some (but not excessive) exercise can be beneficial to keep your pet limber and keep the weight in check. A walk every night is a benefit to not only your pet, but you as well. 


Dr. Revoir’s veterinary opinion should only be used as an educational guide and in no way should be substituted for licensed veterinary care. Your veterinarian should be consulted in all health matters involving your pet.

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